I joined DoorDash in 2015 as one of its first 100 employees. At the time, we were operating in just a handful of cities in the US and doing a few thousand deliveries per day. Over the next few years, we expanded quite a bit and became a much larger global company.

In the early days, we all did a bit of everything – delivering orders, onboarding drivers, and signing up restaurants. I left three years later having led a team of 60+ within the Strategy & Operations division and managed a $110M+ P&L as the General Manager of the Northern California and New York markets. It was the ride of a lifetime!

At one point or another, I:

  • Led the Northern California region, DoorDash's largest and oldest market. Helped triple delivery volume and profitability
  • Led the turnaround of the New York region. Grew the team from 7 —> 30 within six months, increased revenue by 7x, and became unit economic positive on each delivery
  • Worked cross-functionally with engineering, product, and design to launch DoorDash Drive, a new fulfillment product that delivers orders that don't originate on the primary marketplace
  • Learned Python (poorly). I had direct write access to our Django back-end and once accidentally paid out a few thousand drivers twice due to a faulty script. My access was promptly revoked 😬
  • Launched DoorDash in the East Bay Area, Sacramento, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, The Bronx, and a few other areas in the Northeast region
  • Served as Strategy & Operations lead on the deal team that signed Shake Shack & Jack in the Box
  • Was a member of "Team Red", a select group that ensures DoorDash makes consistent hiring decisions across all teams and positions
  • Ordered a lot of 🍕 and 🍣

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