Fintech & Web3

Over the last 20 years, the internet has reshaped the world in numerous ways. However, the way we save, invest, borrow, spend, and manage our money has largely stayed the same. There is still much work to do in the world of improving financial services.

My interest in the fintech space began many years ago as I learned about the world of personal finance. It grew as I realized one of the biggest challenges facing Americans today is their student loan debt. I built a consumer fintech platform at PillarPillar to help Americans get out of debt faster, and then ran the banking & money movement businesses at AcornsAcorns after our acquisition. Today, I lead early-stage investments in fintech & web3 businesses that are making financial services more transparent, efficient, and simple.

If you're building in the world of personal finance, financial software, crypto / web3, payments, banking, lending, insurance, wealth management, financial operations, and other adjacent spaces, please reach out. I'd love to learn more about your vision.

Fintech & Web3 Investments:

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